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Selected Poems

PN Review, "Sparrow," "Honey and Silk," "Noli Me Tangere," "Sophia Hawthorne: En Plein Air," and "Leda"

Alaska Quarterly Review, "Heron" 

Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), "Hospital Fugue" 


Notre Dame Review, "Feathered Thing"

Cutleaf, "Nest," "Still Life," and "Labor Day" 

Southword, "Silver Lake"

Narrative, "Postscript" (Winner of the 15th Annual Narrative Magazine Poetry Prize)

Lily Poetry Review, "Everyone in me is a bird"

Kenyon Review, "Haruspication"

Arts Fuse, "Ghostology"

The Hopkins Review, "Orantes"

Massachusetts Review, "Factories at Clichy"

Evergreen Review, "Some Women Marry Houses," "Hitchcock in East End," "The Sitter"

Mississippi Review, "Purpura," Finalist for the Mississippi Review Poetry Prize 

The Irish Times, "Chase Street," Finalist for The Moth Poetry Prize, selected by Warsan Shire

The American Scholar, "Nocturne," "Cul de sac," "Wire," "Pastoral," introduced by Langdon Hammer

Southword, "Egyptian Wing"

W. B. Yeats Society, "Wildlife," Winner of the W. B. Yeats Prize in 2021, selected by Spencer Reece 

Harvard Review, "Anne Sexton"

Bellingham Review, "Letters of Ida Bauer to Her Mother" and "19 Berggasse

Green Mountains Review, "Aubade," "Concord," "Death by Water," and "Petrichor" 

Journal of the American Medical Association, "Blue Madonna"

The Missouri Review, "The Lucie Odes," Winner of the Jeffrey E. Smith Editors' Prize for Poetry in 2019

Boston Review, "Naked: A Letter" and "Thoreau on the Private Institution"

Western Humanities Review, "In the Woods"

PN Review, "After Catullus," "Liturgy," and "Olympia"

Obsidian, "Beaux Arts"

Cincinnati Review, "Skywalker"

Southern Humanities Review, "Nervosa"

Alaska Quarterly Review, "Caul"

River Styx, "Portal"

Frontier Poetry, "Louisiana Requiem," Winner of the Emerging Poet Prize (2018)

Notre Dame Review, "Hephaestus: Memoir in 'M', "Hera: Memorandum on Latter-Day Leda"

Harvard Review Online, "Sappho: Redoubt with Refrain"

The Missouri Review, "Daphne on Being Wood," "Persephone's Postcard," and "Demeter: Calendar Girl," Runner-up for The Missouri Review's Jeffrey E. Smith Poetry Prize (2017)

The Worcester Review, "Voyeur in June," Winner of the Frank O'Hara Poetry Prize (2016) 

Zocalo Public Square, "Prayer" 


Boulevard, "Collect Call"

The Iowa Review, "Thoracic Ode" and "Ribosomal Yoga"

Harvard Review, "Diagnosis"

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